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Riviera Beach Police Pursuit Car Accident News Story On 25 WPBF Features Brian LaBovick

WPBF 25 News uncovers video of a police pursuit that ended with a crash and seriously injured an innocent senior citizen. The crash happened in 2016 in Riviera beach as officers pursued a stolen car and will result in a legal case. See More -

Brian LaBovick, a South Florida Personal Injury Attorney is starting a lawsuit against the Riviera Beach Police Department as they broke their own policies which prohibit chases unless the need to catch the suspect outweighs the danger to the community.

Brian says, "there was no need for Riviera Beach cops to chase a stolen car that was car jacked a week before, as they didn't even know who was behind the wheel at that time. In the mean time they endangered the public and severely injured an 84 year old woman. They broke every regulation they had and didn't follow any of their own policies."

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